Check out June 2016 issue of WATERCOLOR ARTIST! file:///C:/Users/jill%20krasner/Desktop/Watercolor%20Mag%20ARTICLE.htm

| 11 June, 2016 09:15

So proud of the article in the June 2016 issue of Watercolor Artist ...8 page spread  including a How-To on my layered watercolors!!!!



| 08 December, 2013 09:28

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Addicted to Altered Books & Journals!

| 27 February, 2013 12:26


I just unpacked my car after teaching Class Two of my Altered Book Workshop
at Sarasota Art Center.  OMG, its amazing how much material I save on the chance that it might someday be perfect for an Altered Book.  Boxes and bags filled with scraps of collected papers, mailing labels, tags, ribbons, found pieces of hardware, old game pieces, broken jewelry, crayons, marking pens, paints, ink pads...anything and everything I gather
into my stash.
I am always working on at least one or two journals at a time...I keep them next to my work table and when I am waiting for the paint to dry on a gallery painting (or waiting for the next bright idea for a watercolor), I flip open to a page in the half-finished book and start creating.
I have dozens of Altered Books.  I give away as gifts to treasured friends and family, I display them on shelves in my living room, I pile them up in the corner of my studio...and I always keep one in my car to jot down notes or make sketches.
It doesn't seem to matter how many books I already have -- I just seem to always be working on another one!  No question.  I am totally addicted to Altered Book making!!

Inbetween Shows

| 11 February, 2012 03:01

Will be the featured Artist for the month of April at Scarlett's Feathers Gallery.  Planning on showing my ALTERED BOOKS in addition to PAINTINGS and MOSAICS....Exciting!!!!  Company in town thru Monday so I am missing time in my studio....always a struggle to balance family time and my work time. (Started a new painting just moments before everyone arrived and it will have to wait till after the w/e...Who knows, maybe I'll have a better idea of where it is going if it brews (in my head) for a few days...:)


| 15 January, 2012 05:42

SOLD my painting, BLUE BIRDS!!  First painting to sell from the PLAYERS Gallery show.

Getting Started...At Last!

| 13 January, 2012 00:38


 A new way of communicating with Fans and Friends, new and old.

Thank you for checking out MY BLOG...and I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. 

I am planning to use this space to chat with my Fans as well as fellow artists.  My goal is to share more about my artistic process, my upcoming projects and shows, my lessons learned along the way; my thoughts, challenges, and successes as I walk this exciting Journey as an artist -- perhaps, I should say "creative."  That's a new term (used as a noun, rather than an adverb) I have just recently started seeing in my trade mags.    I'm not sure I am ready to give up the title 'artist' -- and use 'creative' instead.  Any thoughts?  It sounds just the tiniest bit affected to me....Yes. I am 'creative(adverb)' and I 'create (verb)' -- but, to paraphrase Descartes, I make art therefore I am an artist.

OK, enough philosophy for the moment :)

My show, "With An Eye On Art", at the Players Theatre  opened on January 11 and runs through the end of the month. I have 20 + paintings hannging there and worked like crazy for months before getting ready for the show.  Hope it turns out to be worthwhile.  Do any of you artists out there feel as uncomfortable as I do at openings?  It is so hard for me to stand by and watch people check out -- and comment on -- my art.  Kinda like getting naked in front of a room full of strangers.